How to do different actions for each items in the for each loop

Hi Everyone,

I’m currently on a small project then I bumped into this problem. I have this table wherein it has multiple similar details where I need to do different actions for each item.

Would it be possible to do perform different actions in each item for this table as shown below in the image?


Item 1 / Row 1 : AHSO_Cluster_NetworkNameResourceFail_NONPROD ==> click
Item 2 / Row 2 : AHSO_Cluster_NetworkNameResourceFail_NONPROD ==> double click
Item 3 / Row 3 : AHSO_Cluster_NetworkNameResourceFail_NONPROD ==> scroll click

Click Text, Click Double Text, Find Text - all these activities has Occurrence in the properties panel.

Based on the occurrence, decide what action to perform.

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Hi KarthikByggari,

Thanks for your reply.

Can you give me an example workflow on how to do this? Thanks

Hello, Is there anyone can provide help?

I noticed that the rows are not in table format can I still use for each loop to get the data?

i’m getting an error as shown below in the image


Can you check in the forum for the error message. You get possible solution to that problem.

Found a different way to solve this problem of mine. Thanks for the help anyway.