How to do data Scraping for text and images


Can anyone help me how to scrape a combination of text and image?

I was able to successfully scrape the text, but I also needed the atleast the identifier for the image to get the result- Yes/No
My structured data can contain the text and Yes/No value - not actually the image itself. I just have no idea how to do it.
e.g. A A A C F Yes

below is the element of the check image in the webpage


as to selector:
#grades > ul > li.use_of_cdn > a > h2 > img

or any other methods to perform it is welcome.

Please advice. thanks

Are you able to get the selectors for the image? If so open the UI explorer and have a look at the property explorer and try to find an attribute that could help you identify what letter the image is, then you can use a get attribute activity to find the value of the attribute and classify the image as yes or no.