How to do bot works with task based?

Hi Guys, @Palaniyappan @Lahiru.Fernando @sawaseem
Can you help me out following issue. Like I have a excel file and in excel file there is 10 tasks like open browser, log in with user name & pass, open dashboard and so on. in excel there is also column like status and comments as well. so if any task completed then write the status column as “Pass” otherwise fail. If fail the task means getting error then write exception in comment/log column. Then go to the next task and doing same (16.8 KB)

Hi @Jesmine,

I have made changes in your workflow. It works for the current format of your Excel worksheet. To run more iterations, small changes maybe needed accordingly.
Let me know if this is what is your requirement.

Test Try Catch.xaml (26.1 KB)

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