How to do autofit and bold specific column for excel in uipath?




I want to do autofit for specific columns and bold for header column, how can i do that using uipath?


Try in Excel scope, put send hot keys) allways works)


@Vladokrash thanks but i tried it is not working, do you know the keystrokes for autofit columns?


try this, use Excel scope, check in properties visible, select range with activity, then put hot keys “alt+h”, them “o, i”.


thank you


I have a lot of success using TypeInto with the hotkey combinations, and it’s super fast; you can also combine combos, like rename sheet and type in the sheet name in one line.

TypeInto "[k(alt)]horName[k(enter)]"
Select Range … TypeInto “[k(alt)hoi[k(alt)]h1”

Can do both actions in one line too.

To find further key combos, just press the Alt key in Excel and you’ll see the characters popup in the menu.


@ClaytonM thanks for the response, can i know what will be used for bolding the first col in excel?



You need to Select the column, then use the key combination (which you can find by pressing the Alt key followed by the characters that display on the menu ribbon bar)

For example,
Select Range "A:A"
TypeInto “[k(alt)]h1”

That should highlight column A then do the combination for Bold.




How to do autofit for entire coloumn for excel using uipath?