How to do a Complicated VLOOKUP

Hi team

i have a small complicated vlookup

  • i have 4 datatables
    DT1 "code" coloum should compare with DT2 “code” coloum data
    if the code dt1 & dt2 “code” column data equal
    need to send to DT4 as Reconciled
    some times in Dt1 Code column has lager values**(green)** in that time i should compare the dt 3 with “code” 1 Column (green color) & dt2 that found code

if any of the records cannot found it should send to unreconciled sheet

Any Activity to archive this
dt1.xlsx (8.9 KB) dt2.xlsx (8.8 KB) dt3.xlsx (8.5 KB) dt4.xlsx (8.8 KB)

@Tharusha_Fernando - I would suggest to try this with StudioX using the VLookup Feature. Whatever steps you do manually (Vlookup in excel) , mimic that in Studiox to see if that works…


Hy @prasath17
i have done most development in studio so i m referring on that


@Tharusha_Fernando - I understand that, but my point is if the above thing works in StudioX , you can open that xaml in studio it will still work(which I have already tried, see this post for reference ).

Also, for the datatable lookup, please check this video.

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