How to divide the the datatable column by a particular number

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I have a datatable dt and I need to divide the datatable column 2 and column 3 by a particular variable which contains a number.

How do i achieve this , please help

Hi @Karan28

So you want to read column no 2 and Column no 3 from that datatable right ??

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No , I have a datatable . I need to divide column2 and column 3 of that datatable by a variable which contains number

@Karan28 Assuming you want to do divide operations on the values of Column2 and Columns 3? Have you tried using For Loop and Update the column Values accordingly? You might need to give more explanation based on the actual output that you need


Can you share a sample example


SO Its like , its simple . I need to divide the all the column values of 2 & 3 by a number . suppose by 10
Column 2 and Column 3 contains numbers and I’ll divide them by 10

@Karan28 Have you tried looping by For Each Row Loop and updating it. That is the simplest way I can think of to update the values in it. If you don’t want to do it, Can you tell why you cannot ?

Check the Screenshot :

Thankyou so much , It did the same . It worked

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