How to divide my process into process states in Reframework

Hi,I have a requirement to read the excel and get some input data like “subject”,“body” ,“from” and need to list the unread mails ,if the mail subject contains the excel sheet subject then need to move that mail to folder and then end the mail loop and end the excel loop.So now how i need to develop in the RE framework,any ideas on what i should keep in the transaction and process

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in REFramework we got four states like

–here read all the values from config and store it to a dictionary variable named config
–then kill all the application that we are going to use in the process as the currently opened file should not affect the process

Get Transaction Data
–here we can read the excel file and store that in datatable variable
–followed by that we can get the mail messge list from get outlook mail activity as well

–now compare each and every row of excel to the mail descriptives like subject, body, from and if matches use move outlook mail activity and move the mail message to the folder we need here in this state

–this process should be done for each row in the excel one by one as a loop thus we would be getting the TransactionItem from get transaction data state by incrementing the TransactionNumber variable till the row count maximum value is reached

and finally
End Process state
–close all the applicaton with kill process or close application activity

hope this would help you
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Thank you

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Cheers @SuvarnaReddy123