How to distinguish similar stuff when I use cv

Hi, everyone.
When I use CV to handle problems, I encounter a problem that CV can’t distinguish one lattice with another like the figure below.

Can any method figure this?

HI @Gary_wang

Is there any reason, why your are not using SAP scripting interface? Then the automation of such table is super easy, stable and reliable.



Use SAP Activities

HI LevKushnir
I didn’t get exposed to this part previously. Let me have a try.

Ah, I encounter another problem.

When I use “type into”, I can’t choose my desired place. All the element are seen as one element.

These activities doesn’t work.

Hello @Gary_wang

Have you configured these below steps : -

  • Enable Scripting in your SAP Client
  • Enable a High Speed connection for your SAP Client
  • Enable Modal Dialog capabilities in your SAP Client

Also see this : -

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Hello @Gary_wang,

Please go through the academy course :- SAP Automation 2020

Yes. I spend my whole morning learning SAP Automation 2020. However, I am not authorized to use RZ11. What’s the function of this t code? Does this transaction code really affect final result?


You need to check for Administrator for the RZ11 code access


RZ11 is MUST and as you can see in the documentation and in training it is always the first, what I am asking for.

RZ11 should be done by your SAP Administrator.

Best regards, Lev

Thanks a lot! I am asking my administrator to change it.

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