How to display the error and exit at lv3

I use InvokeWorkflowFile Contained inside is Sequence Lv1 > Lv2 > Lv3
At lv3, an error occurred , I want to catch the error at lv3 and stop the program at the error location, without reproducing the error at lv2 and lv1
how do i fix it?

Thanks in advance

hi @DailyBuid,

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Remove the Rethrow Activity from the Catch Section.

The Rethrow is Throwing the Exception back to LV2.

Further More - If you do not want any more Execution of the Process - Use Terminate Workflow activity. Below is a Sample on how to use a Terminate Activity.


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if an error occurred at Lv3 then catch that error in catch block by selecting system error exception and followed by kill browser activity in final block to stop the bot execution.