How to display the employees names starts with S and J

Hi team,

I have got the number of employees names with get text activity and now I want to get the employees names that starts with letters S and J.

Can u please help me with this asap.



can you share the sample output of get text activity

Hi @Bhagyashree_S

Try with Assign activity


Or you can try with Regular expression

  1. Drag and drop a “Matches” activity into your workflow.
Pattern : \b[SsJ]\w+\b|\b[JjJ]\w+\b

Result: MatchesCollection
  1. For Each - TypeArgument: System.Text.RegularExpressions.Match

  2. Log Message - Message: item.Value



Hii @Bhagyashree_S

Try this Linq Query

From row In DT
Let a = If(row(“Column Name”).tostring.startswith(“S”),“Yes”,“No”)
Select dt1.Rows.Add(row(“ColumnName”),a)

You can try with single Regex expression

Refer this

Use a assign activity and get all the matches that starts with S and J like this

str_matches = System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Matches(Strinput.ToString, “\b[S|s]\w+|\b[J|j]\w+”)

Hope this helps

Cheers @Bhagyashree_S

Employees details I have taken from ACME UiPath

Hi @Gokul001

I have used assign activity and used G1.startswith(“S”)

But it’s says disallow implicit conversation from boolen to string.


you need to use it in if activity

stroutput.startswith(“S”) or stroutput.startswith(“J”) because it gives boolean output


try this :

employeeNames= {“sandeep” ,“john”}

desired_Names = employeeNames.Where(Function(name) name.StartsWith("S") Or name.StartsWith("J")).ToList()


I have used in if activity and I want to put it in log message

Did this method help you out using Regex

Where str_matches is a variable of type IEnumerable<System.Text.RegularExpressions.Match>

Cheers @Bhagyashree_S

Have you check out this method @Bhagyashree_S


in then block use log message

and pass the variable


You can try this

Use if conditon with currentRow("ColumnName").ToString.Trim.ToUpper.StartsWith("S") Or currentRow("ColumnName").ToString.Trim.ToUpper.StartsWith("J")

this if in dattable

if in get text a string …then in selector we can use a regex to get only values startign with S or J

<webctrl tag='DIV' innertext='(S|J).*' matching:innertext='regex' />


Yes I have used log message and passed G1 as variable …G1 is the output of get text activity.
But when I try to run th bot is running but not displaying anything and it’s ending


can you share the output of your gettext activity

so that we can help

Hi nikhi

I am using acme UiPath test url and getting employee details… currently I can’t send u the screenshot

I will try but now I see that with get text activity its taking only employees name not all…the url i have used to extract employees details is ACME System 1 - Employees


try this once

Yeah I have tried with this but it’s not displaying…after if condition why u have used click…we can use just get text right?