How to display multiple data values from Json file in message box?

Hi All,

I’m trying to fetch the json data and display it in message box as shown below

But I’m getting error.

Please help me with this
Thanks in advance:-)


Add .ToSTring to all the expression try again once


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And also keep a space betwwen the expression else your message box will be a mess will all the values in same line @Vaishnav_Tej

+" "+


Thank you it’s working. And how about in Add data row activity ?


As a array of string
{your strings seperated by comma}

Can you elaborate.
I have added that inside { }

Yes they are separate by comma

In your snap i see like

One string, another, another right?

You need to pass it between {}

{One string, another, another}


Yes i forgot to add {} but now I’ve added {} and separated by comma. but error is occuring

give a try at
new Object(){JsonObject("results")(0)......, nexVar, .... lastVar}

getting error as “Object strict on disallows late binding”

let us know the datatype of JsonObject and please share the statement. thanks

Json Object data type is : JObject

set to JObject

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Thank you both . All issue resolved :slight_smile:

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