How to Display Callout For A Certain Time Without Delaying the Next Activity?


  1. Start Calculator then Type “1” into it
  2. Show Callout that we must enter expression for about 10 seconds and then disappear
  3. Start Monitor Event, display Message Box “Clicked” if the “=” is clicked

If I set the Callout timer for 10.000, then the next activity (No 3, Monitor Event) will be done ONLY AND AFTER the Ok in Callout is clicked, or after 10 seconds. But I need the Monitor Event to start immediately after the “1” is entried, no delay.

Anyway to display alert for a certain amount of time without delaying the next acitivy (Callout is preferable since I can specify the position) ?

Callout.xaml (9.3 KB)

maybe with a parallel activity?

Hello @adrian, thanks for your response!
But with Parallel Activity I have to define which activities I want to parallel it with (and sometimes we cannot predict how long an activity takes). Would appreciate another idea if any, but so far using this as temporary solution, thanks!

Pls follow below tutorial

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Guys,Here is a detailed article on that :slight_smile:

That’s a good question, I have the same problem. Anyone has a good solution?