How to disable window switching activity


i am trying to enter password, when script run that time someone switches the window and get password how to protect this activity …?

Use SimulteType property for Type Into activity, itt works in the background and there is no need to set the focus before typing.

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thank you @Silviu ,
in this way password will be secure… ?

That way the user is not able to interfere with the robot while typing the password, or anything else when used with SimulateType or SimulateClick.
Now, if it’s secure or not depends on other factors as well. Where the password is stored? You should keep the password as a Credential Asset in Orchestrator, or in Windows Credential manager. If you just store the password as plain text in your workflow file, anyone who has access to the workflow file will be able to get the password.
How secure is the application where you type the password? if it’s a web application not using https the user could easy intercept the communication and get the password.

how SimulateType work in background if u know explain …
it can use copy to clipboard and past option in background or anything else …
my use case is to get the password from api and use in workflow …
how to do this .?

Still it’s a better option to use Type Into activity with Simulate Type property selected instead of copying to clipboard and sending a hotkey to paste it.
Please check this article on how background automation works, simulate type included.
Also, you have lesson 5 in the Foundation training in Academy where you can learn more about the different input and output methods.