How to disable trigger for particular time in day

Requirement: When the job is running in the application(which I automate using UiPath) then I need to stop the execution of my UiPath job for a particular time.

UiPath Robots stop their work during this job execution in an application. I used the queue trigger for triggering my UiPath job. So when any new queue item added in my queue then my job is running in

UiPath Disable trigger option is available to disable the trigger. But it asks date and time.
image. Every day I need to disable my trigger in a specific time.
How this possible? @Palaniyappan

@Palaniyappan I have a time that is fixed but in date what i will select for everyday ?

Use the “Stop Execution After” toggle instead. If your trigger is set to run at 6:00, and you want to have it stop at 8:00, set the process to stop after 2 hours.

How to set stop execution after time here?

In queue trigger how to set stop execution after time ?

@Palaniyappan Have you any way to disable queue trigger for every day ?

@Umang_Mehta did you find a solution? I want to do the same exact thing.

Anybody knows the solution to this? I’ve been searching for this as well.

You have create the trigger through cron expression while creating the trigger. Daily/Weekly/Monthly triggers can not achieve this

Fast forwarding into the future, the ability to Schedule Ending of a job execution is available for Queue based Triggers.


While it’s not ideal, I think between the two options you could either
A) Let a trigger run for so long, assuming you control when Items get added to the Queue
B) Use a “manager” Process or Service to Enable the trigger and at the same time set when the Queue Trigger will disable again, run the manager as frequently as you need to control the enablement and disablement of the Queue Trigger.

try this !!

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