How to disable the login screen for Orchestrator

How to disable the login screen for Orchestrator

Technical Overview

Currently it is not possible to disable the login screen altogether. However, it is possible to disable Basic Authentication and to bypass the login screen using Windows AD.


Disabling Basic Authentication

Add the followings keys to the web.config.

<add key="Auth.DisableBasicAuthentication" value="true"/>

<add key="Auth.EnableBasicAuthenticationForHostTenant" value="true"/>


The first key disables Basic Authentication and the second key enables basic authentication for the Host tenant. The second key is optional but without it added, the host tenant will be inaccessible.


Bypassing the Login Screen

***Note: This only works for Internet Explorer

1.       In the web.config file, set the WindowsAuth.AutoLogin.Enabled parameter to true.

2.       Select Tools > Internet Options. The Internet Options window is displayed.

3.       In the Security tab, select Local Intranet and click Custom Levels. The Security Settings - Local Intranet Zone window is displayed.

4.       Under Miscellaneous, select Enable for the Allow META REFRESH option.

5.       Under User Authentication > Logon, select the Automatic logon with current user name and password option.

6.       Click OK. Your settings are saved and you return to the Internet Options window.

7.       Click OK. Your settings are saved and you can now automatically log into Orchestrator from Internet Explorer.