How to Disable "Force Automatic Login Using This Provider" ?

How to disable "Force automatic login using this provider" and access host tenant when "Force automatic login using this provider" option is enabled ?

To access the Host page and disable automatic Windows login, perform the below:

  1. Access Identity Server's Windows settings within the External Providers page (use https://[YourOrchestratorURL]/account/hostlogin or https://[YourOrchestratorURL]/identity/configuration)
  2. Make sure Login on the Host tenant with the admin credentials.
  3. Uncheck the Force automatic login using this provider check box. This parameter enables or disables Windows automatic login.

  1. Click Save to save the changes to the external identity provider settings.
  2. Restart the IIS site after performing any configuration changes within Identity Server.

If the automatic login is still not disabled, you can check the following parameter in the Web.config / Orchestrator.dll.config file located on the following path in the Orchestrator installation server - C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Orchestrator

<add key="WindowsAuth.AutoLogin.Enabled" value="false" />

Make sure that the value is set to "false".

For more information, review Setting Up Auto Login For Users Under An Active Directory Group .

If still unable to access Orchestrator UI due to some reason, force automatic login can be disabled from the database by setting up IsExclusive column value to 0 in [identity].[ExternalIdentityProviders] table for the specific external identity provider.

The SQL query should look like below.

UPDATE [identity].[ExternalIdentityProviders] SET IsExclusive=0 where AuthenticationScheme=' '