How To Disable Preloaded Executor Of Robot?

How to disable the pre-loaded executor of the Robot?


Starting with the 2023.4 Enterprise release, Performance improvements were made for the start-up of a process. Whenever the Robot is started by default, an additional Executor is automatically launched. Read more in the Robot Executor documentation.

Default Behavior: Starting with the 2023.4 Enterprise release, whenever the Robot is initiated, an extra Executor is launched by default. This enhancement contributes to quicker execution times and more efficient process handling.

Preventing the Pre-Loaded Executor:

While the default behavior includes automatically launching an additional executor, users have the option to disable this feature. To achieve this, the following steps need to be followed:

  1. Set the UIPATH_PRE_LOADED_EXECUTOR Environment Variable:
    • To disable the pre-loaded executor, users must first add the UIPATH_PRE_LOADED_EXECUTOR user environment variable to the Robot machine. Assign the value None to this variable.
    • To fully disable the pre-loaded executor, the user needs to define another environment variable called UIPATH_DISABLE_PRE_LOADED_EXECUTOR and set its value to True.

By following these steps, the pre-loaded Executor will be completely deactivated, giving users full control over the Robot's execution process.

For more detailed information and insights, refer to the Robot Executor documentation available at the following link: Robot Executor Documentation .