How to disable or bypass excel popups in studiox (large amount of data on clipboard or can't update links)

My bot works with many excel files and it gets stuck when excel popups appear stating:

There is a large amount of data on the clipboard


We can’t update some of the links

As long as I click continue in the error message the bot continues, but I don’t want to have to do this as it ruins the automation. Is there a way I can get around this? All the solutions I Have found online use on element appear, which I don’t think is available in StudioX

Well the clipboard warning appears because if data is selected on Workbook A, then pasted elsewhere, and then you do not hit ESC to unselect the data selected in this workbook, Excel doesn’t let go of the clipboard.

You could check to see if this is the case with your automations. If so, maybe you could put in a step to hit ESC key after you are done with the data selected.

The same thing happens when you open a workbook, select data from a worksheet and try to close the workbook without clearing out the clipboard using the ESC key.

Hope this helps.

Thanks, I am trying to use the keyboard shortcut activity to click Escape before closing the excel application. My keyboard shortcut activity is inside a use excel file activity. This gives me an error saying the keyboard shortcut needs to be inside a Use Inside an Application/Browser activity. Would I add a user Application/Browser inside the use excel file? Or outside the use excel file? I’m not sure how these activities would be lined up.

You could try the following:

Move the ESC and close Excel Workbook activities outside of the Excel Scope.

Then you could add an Attach Window activity and select the Excel Window (which will give you the Application Scope) . Once you have that you could follow that up by adding the Esc key operation, followed by the Close . I tried this in Studio as I work in this mode. And it works without issues.

One way I divide these up is, I keep anything data related inside of Excel Scope. Anything else such as closing a window, is strictly not an Excel function. Rather it is a general “Windows Application” function. Therefore, I move these out into an Application Window scope.

Just to prove the point, here is a screen shot of my Excel just before I run the Flow below. The dotted line indicates I have opened Excel, Hit CTRL+A and CTRL+C to copy the entire worksheet on to the clipboard.


And then I run the flow below. The Excel will close without clipboard complaints.

Does anyone know how to do this in Studio X?

Hello @matthew.petras . Welcome to the forums.

In theory, you can use the Hotkey in StudioX ( I think it has a different name) to send an escape key stroke . This action could be added as the last step in the Use Excel Application activity.

That way, it resets all the clipboard data just before the automation closes the Excel.

Hope this helps.

Thank You! I ended up adding a clear range on some unused cells, right after the append, and that solved my problem.