How to differentiate 2 robots when their machine name and username are same?

It is possible for 2 machines having same machine name and username in one office and both need uipath robots. I encountered it!
When I want to activate them via orchestrator, I met the problem that I cannot build to 2 robots to differentiate them, coz my clients need know which one is running.

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Machine names are unique.

Actually, they are not unique,and you can change it as you wish, in the system properties in control panel.

Is it possible to rename the machine from “think-pc” to “think-pc1” or something else that is unique?
Is this a workgroup with local users?
Can the users not use “Administrator” and instead use something unique like MickeyMouse or MinnieMouse?

Last time after I changed the machine name, they complained to me that the pc cannot connect to the printer due to the change. Afterwards, I am not willing to change any of the machine name or username of my customers’ pc. And if I login with MinnieMouse instead of Administrator, there will be some other issue happened such as some other app are not visible or does not work.

Is this customer using Named User licenses?

If so, this is unfortunately a limitation of that licensing model. The only way to correct this issue without changing usernames or computer names is to buy Concurrent User licenses.

Actually, I am using concurrent attended licences. So for me, it is not a problem to run robot on either pc, but it is a problem to run both simultaneously or tell which one is running on OC.

Are these machines in a Workgroup?

If two computers have the same name, how will Orchestrator know which computer to talk to when it needs to start a process?

Do you have other robots using the same username and different computer names?