How to determine on number of robots


Hi - I have a use case, where there are some 100 agents working on the same, what they do is they open one application and from there once they click using mouse, it opens another application, where in I need to enter few details extracted from the main page which I opened initially. Here once robot fill certain details, it allowed agent to fill certain other details and then submit the page. Now there are two issues I am facing is :slight_smile:

  1. After final submit, if I go to main page and click to open second application, robot doesn’t work and I have to close the browser. Now I can’t close the browser everytime as it will ask the user to enter credentials again and again. Session should be active.
  2. Do I have to install uipath studio in all 100 agents across different locations to call robot?

Note : Second point is challenge.

Please help on this as earliest.



Guys, please throw some light on use case. It’s really important to finalize the design.


Struggling to understand point 1 - could you add some more detail as to the activities you are using or perhaps upload your xaml file?

Re point 2. if you have 100 machines then yes you will need to install UiPath on all of them as this is how the licensing works.


For point 1, isn’t it possible to ask the credentials on runtime (with an input dialog) and do the login with the robot? This way the credentials are not stored locally hence there shouldn’t be any compliancy issues in the organization…