How to determine cell address of a null value in an excel file?

Hi, I’m using “Lookup Range” activity to get the cell address of a particular cell based on an ID. I then store the result in a variable and use it in “Write Range” activity so that I can write into that cell… but I only get the cell address of a cell with values. I’m getting a “Lookup Range Value cannot be null” error message when its empty. Is there any other way to get the cell address (ex: B1) of an empty cell?


You can check the value of Lookup Range activity as below

If LookupRangeVariable <> “”

Then->This will check if the Variable is not Null
Else-> If that is null

and use Write Cell for writing to the cell you desire

Hope this may help you


Hi @elizmarie,

Check the below thread if that helps you…