How to detect text in a part of the screen

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I’m using a program that writes some text in a specific part of the screen if there is an error on my data. My question is, how it’s the best way to detect the presence of the text in that specific area and that is possible to use on different screen sizes.

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error in my data means ? do you want to get specific text or just to find that text exists or not?
Check below post.

I just need to find if the text exist or not in that area. But the thing is, the text that can exist can be different everytime, so I just need to know if theres any text present, no matter what the text says.


hope there must be some element relative to that text.
Use Find Relative Element activity and then scrape the value using get text or any other scraper
then use condition .If output of get text contains any value or not.

I’m new to this, could you put an example out?

With example.

I’m doing an OCR Text Exists… It should be almost the same, but for some reason it doesn’t work. I’m very new to this so it’s probably something I’m doing. I don’t quite get some of the properties yet…

Oh np. You will get to know as day goes by… :slight_smile:
Hope you have checked this if not please register here and go through awesome tutorial which will give you a head start in RPA world.

Happy automation :+1:

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I have gone through that tutorial. I understand how to physically do it, I think my issue is with setting properties…

Sorry tpernes, did not mean to hijack your post.

Hope this gets to you….

Laurie […]

Ship Orders_Old.xaml (76.9 KB)

Can you check now.
Ship Orders_Old.xaml (76.9 KB)

THANK YOU!!! It works and I’m beyond happy! Appreciate your help!