How to detect a color from a webpage screen

I need to detect a color from particular image which i already selected.

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I am not sure if UiPath is able to detect and output colorCodes.
However maybe you can use build-in activity: GET ATTRIBUTE

I have used it a few times myself - but only works, if the color is embedded in the img-filename.
Fx. img href=“ColorButtonGreen.gif”

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Get attribute img-filename and check for color in filename (if possible)


There is no activity in UiPath to get color, we have custom package - color Detector - for getting color from web page or image.

Its only capturing the color based on x and y position. you can not get the color of mixing image color. only u can get the color which if fully occupied on the selection area.

Page for Ex.



Get position


Get color from Web

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Hi @SrenivasanKanna ,

that link doesn’t work anymore, do you have any other option for someone who wants to detect a color in an image?