How to deploy Uipath Apps to EndUser


How to deploy developed uipath Apps to enduser, suppose enduser has zero knowledge in uipath. Do we need to get all access including orchestrator and data entity for end user? or we can just share them a link or url to use Apps.

they just need frontEnd view

HI @n.krishna.moorthy,
For any user to have access to Apps, they need to be registered on the Automation Cloud.
You can then edit the app and provide permission to the user (either editing rights or only viewing rights). Based on your requirement I think viewing rights should be enough, with these they can still interact with the App but they cannot edit it.

Finally if the App triggers a process on the Orchestrator the users have to be given permission to trigger/start that specific process, or else the App will throw access issues during runtime.

Let me know if this helps.


@n.krishna.moorthy ,

You can export the app and import into other tenant using upload app features. Once you give name and import it.

Please go to Share and Grab URL for this and share with end users.
In Permission you can give access to group or users as view rights.


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@Arvind_Kumar1 Apps are associated with tenant? In my case I have 2 tenants but I have the same app in both of them without need to import from one to another. Also in the url there is no distinction of tenant. To give more context they are not published yet.


Hi @Camila_Caldas

While creating an app you need to select a tenant for it.

One app aparenlty can only access resources from one tenant (which makes sense as you may have different robot allocations etc on different tenants).

So to answer your question, you should create 2 apps, call them with some easy to distinguish names (APP_DEV, APP_PROD) and change processes/resources for them.
Users will see them in their UiPath Assistants.

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