How to deploy my workflow in orchestrator

i have created my workflow in uipath community edition now need to deploy the workflow in orchestrator

can any one help me on this

what i need to put machine orchestrator URL and machine key

Machine Orchestrator:
Machine key: you will find it in the Orchestrator.
No Machine Key

Follow the steps for publishing the robot.

Karthik Byggari

This video will help you @Tamilarasanaccet

@KarthikByggari i am not find any machine related details please refer the attachement

note: i am using community edition

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Click on Services, select tenant and then you will find the machine details.


@HareeshMR In i am just find below things not any as send in the video

As @KarthikByggari mentioned above, go to services tab and then click on the tenant name :slight_smile: @Tamilarasanaccet

Thanks bro


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