How to deploy an Email Deliverability Tester using Uipath

Hi guys,

I would like to implement an Email Deliverability Tester just like the one gmass has implemented on their website that we can see on this link : Email Deliverability Tester: Inbox, Spam, or Promotions?

I am pretty sure uipath can do this using the get imap mail message activity to collect the data received in any folder of any mail provider gmail hotmail yahoo ect…

My question would be, how do we then display the information of item.sender picked by get imap mail message to a live website just like gmass does ?

Do i need to be an engineer to build something like that or this can be implemented quite easily ?

Many thanks


Once you have fetched the mailmessage from get mail activity use a for each loop and pass the mailmessage variable and change the typeargume as System.Net.Mail.Mailmessage

Inside the item.From.ToString


Which you can display either through MESSAFE BOX activity

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Thank you Sir

And then how do I display that information into a live website just like gmass is doing and not in a message box ?

To be very simple we can use MESSAGE BOX or we can use CALLOUT activity

Cheers @kaiji_San

OP if you made a website like the GMass one please share a link I’m very interested in it