How to delete the excel file



HI Developers,
In my case , I am doing data scrapping and writting that data table into an excel , from excel i taking values into the selector , everything is going fine , bt the problem is while the read range overwrites the data into the sheet sometimes the previous data is also in excel , so i am facing selector not found exception
so, i want to delete excel file (i have used the invoke method to empty the excel but in loop its not working exactly)

@arivu96 please help me with the solution


Do u want to delete the excel file are the data which is is there in it.



Hi @lalithya14

You can use “Send Hotkey” activity and delete the data in the excel Or if u want to delete the entire file… you can use delete activity.

tgopalas :slight_smile:


Hi @lalithya14,

Use delete activity to delete the file.