How to delete the cell with the particular condition

Hi Team,

I have a excel where the header is name & Id i need to delte the the entire row if the particular name is avaiable and if the id is empty. Can you help on this

Name Id
Xx 1
Ynm 2

In this i need to delte only yyy & uuu row alone since i have certain set of name which shouldnt come as empty value . Kinldy provide some suggestion



Use fiter excel to filter first and then delete the visible or non visible rows depending on the filter

You can either add multiple conditions as needed or use filter table multiple times or in loop


Hi anil ,

Sure i will check and update you

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As suggest i have mention the column name as “Name” contains "“Yyy” in filters dataable activity

But i need to delte only yyy if the the column as empty if it has value it shouldn’t delte…

This activity is deleting all the value whether its empty or not… can yu please suggest any way…



I dont think it would delete all…can you check the input data if there is any…you can add a break point and check for data in locals panel when paused…and then do step into and check

And delete rows activity is deleting everything?

if this is the combination you are using then its wrong…you have to use filter from excel activities

if using datatable then no delete row activity to be used