How to delete specific content of column

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Hello All,
I want to delete Data of cells of B Column except for “Description” which is present in a few cells of column B. Please Provide me solution for this issue. I have attached excel file for same

Hello @Ripusudan_Sharma,

Might you clarify what do you need to delete? Do you want to delete “Description”?

Thanks :slight_smile:

I want to keep “Description” and delete all other values

@Ripusudan_Sharma - Have you tried Delete Range with Range as “B6:B100” something like this…this will leave you Description

If you look at attached excel file, it has description as header at particular interval, So need to make sure it is not deleted.

@Ripusudan_Sharma – Let us know, what you have tried so far? BTW: I understood your query…

I tried filterData table, but it is not working

How about using For each row,
if row.item(“ISIN”).ToString is not Empty, Assign row.item(“Description”) = “”