How to delete specific column in a Google Spreadsheet

I want to create a program to delete specific columns in a Google spreadsheet.
(I want to delete “C” column)
I tried to do it by using 「Gsuite activities “DeleteRange”」but it failed .
(I input C:C in the 「Range」Box but it only clear cells but clolumn is still exist. )
(I also tried “ClearRange” Activity but the result is the same.)
I used Uipath Google Workspace package(v1.16.2)

I want to know how to solve this problem.

HI @seino.esuv

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Check out this steps



Hi @seino.esuv

You can use the Google activity ‘Add Delete Columns’.


You need to pass following properties and also make sure you have selected as ‘Delete’ from drop down:


Hope it will help you.


Hi Sudharsan

Thank you for your kind reply!

I tried your sugestion but I can’t save to “dt”(Cannot sellect it).
I think maybe it is because of my studioX version or something.
I’ll check the newest version and try another suggestions.
If it can’t fix the problem I’ll ask you later.

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Hi Rahul_S

Thank you for your kind reply

I can’ t find “Add delete Columns” in the Google activity.
I don’t know why but I think that it may be because of my old studioX version.
I"ll try updating it and I"ll try your question again!

Best Regards

Can you share the screen shot of your flow? @seino.esuv