How to delete particular row in excel?

I need to delete rows dynamically with “Contains” = systemexception not “equal to”.
you can see in the attachment.

Hi @manipreethi410 ,

Have you tried with Filter Datatable Activity?

yes, but dint work Properly.

@manipreethi410 ,

Could you let us know what was the Result ? What was not working properly ?

Hey @manipreethi410 please try this linq

datatable.asenumerable.where(function(row) not row(columnname or index).tostring.tolower.contains(“system.exception”)).copytoDataTable


Sreejith S S

Hello @manipreethi410

You can use Filter Datatable and choose Remove. Then add the conditions to remvoe the rows from datatable. Make sure you are giving the column name and values properly in the condition.


this is working fine but only thing is if the column only contains System.exception then am getting the error: no source due to we are removing all the rows of contains System.exception.

how to resolve this?

Hi @manipreethi410 ,

Check out the below post which should help you on Handling that error :

thank you, it worked.

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