How to delete OCR scraping Cache, in order make the second round work properly

Hello Everyone,
I am using OCR scraping method to get some information from PDF (picture type), Specifically I am using “scrape relative” function.
There is a loop in my automation, on the first round for the “PDF A” it works properly but on the second round for the “PDF B”, it brings some error such as “Assign: Index was outside the bounds of the array.” or " Scrape return empty text". But After running second time after the errors the “PDF B” also works properly, then comes the same errors for the “PDF C” and so on.
So I found out that it is because the bot saves some scraping Cache from the first round and because of this these errors occur. I tried to reassign back to empty string or to “Nothing” all the variables that I use or I scrape but not use, however still there is something that stays from the first round.
So how I can set the scraping OCR recording part to the initial stage like if you start the bot?
thank you in advance.


It could help just create separeted workflow for OCR and run it with isolated session.

Hi Rado
But in reality, it could be hundred different pdf files. I can’t create separate workflow for each of them.

What i meant was to separate method which is OCR your document.

To be honest I don’t really get what you mean.

Ok, then please see attached picture which is showing what i was thinking of. Let’s just assume that DataTable contains paths to PDFs.

And remember to check Isolated in properties.

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So you mean, to invoke the part that deals with OCR scraping and the check the box of isolated right?


Will try now, hopefully will help.
Will let you know

Thank you so much,
it worked
was working 2 days on this
Thanks a lot

No problem :slight_smile:

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