How to delete HTML tags without opening Inspect Element?

Is there any fastest way of deleting HTML tags?

My current routine was:
Open a webpage
Send keys for short cut of Inspect Element
Find the specific element tags
Send keys delete to delete the html tags (e.g

Take a screenshot

Is there a way not opening an inspect element window and make my process fast?

Hi @craigayala,

Example is missing can you provide that?

The example would be deleting specific < div >. My flow works fine actually but I want to lessen the process like opening window of inspect element and searching for the element < div > tag.

Have you tested with the Inject Js Script activity? For example, the following Javascript code will remove the YouTube logo:

function RemoveElement() {
  var element = document.querySelector("#logo-icon-container");
  if (element) {
  	alert("Removed element!");


This is what Iā€™m looking for thanks for your help.

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