How to delete ftp folder with all its content (both files and subdirectories)


We have a 3rd party vendor placing files for us which we pick up (via the robot) from a FTP folder.

We have to copy/download them to internal shared network drive and then delete that source older on ftp server (along with all it contents - i.e. sub-directories and files inside).

UiPath Studio used to have specific activity for it (called "FTP.Activities.RemoveDirectory but has since been depraciated - since v2018.2 - we don’t get why).

What is a smart way to do the same thing without that phased out activity?
We have deadline for Monday morning so it’s urgent and we are stuck.
Pls help.

Hi @greglp

The FTP activity package recently became open sourced to our community:

It still contains a Delete activity. Have you tried whether it deletes the folder if you specify the path to the folder only?

@greglp Not sure useful or not have a look

ressurrecting thread- might as well provide an answer to close the gap since there aren’t any

you can use the delete activity in the app integration for ftp, but you can’t explicitly delete a folder.

You have to loop&delete the files in the folder first, then proceed to delete a folder after it’s empty. Tedious.

(this error has to do with one of the dependencies, relating to an error for ssh.renci recursive calls)

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This is no more working in uipath!

It is working, except that you can’t delete recursively - you have to use the winscp .net assembly to do that

if you want to stick to using the basic library (uipath ftp 3.0 with you have to list out all folders + subdirectories, and run a loop to delete the contents first before deleting the folder