How to delete ftp folder with all its content (both files and subdirectories)




We have a 3rd party vendor placing files for us which we pick up (via the robot) from a FTP folder.

We have to copy/download them to internal shared network drive and then delete that source older on ftp server (along with all it contents - i.e. sub-directories and files inside).

UiPath Studio used to have specific activity for it (called "FTP.Activities.RemoveDirectory but has since been depraciated - since v2018.2 - we don’t get why).

What is a smart way to do the same thing without that phased out activity?
We have deadline for Monday morning so it’s urgent and we are stuck.
Pls help.


Hi @greglp

The FTP activity package recently became open sourced to our community:

It still contains a Delete activity. Have you tried whether it deletes the folder if you specify the path to the folder only?


@greglp Not sure useful or not have a look