How to delete first empty row in excel sheet


I have one excel sheet, it contain one empty row in the starting of the excel file, means the first row is empty. i need to delete that row, when i use read range and write range activity with writing form first row the last row in the excel file is getting duplicated. Can anyone help me regarding this.

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Well you can do this a couple ways.

  • If you use Read Range / Write Range you need to clear the sheet first or delete the file so it’s empty. The Read Range is not counting the first empty row, so when you write it, it’s essentially shifting it up.
  • You could also just change the Range in the Write Range so it writes it on the second row, but in this case you wouldn’t actually delete the empty row.
  • To simply use the Delete Row feature of Excel, you can do “Select Range” A1 then use a TypeInto “[k(alt)]hdr” . You will need to use another Write Cell or Write Range to update the file though.

Hope these pointers help you out.