How to delete data in excel sheets without deleting sheetnames

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How to delete data from multiple excel sheets in one excel .
I cannot use excel application scope ,because in my server there microsoft excel is not installed.


Hi… @RajeshT

If you know the names of the sheets then try this one…1.xlsx (10.6 KB) len.xaml (16.5 KB)

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Hi @vamsiyeluri,

Thank you for your response.

Where we have to mention the sheet names in your workflow?

Looks like there is variable name “Sheets” in the workflow where all the sheet names are passed (designed as an array of strings).


Thank you @PavaniDilip,

Got it, and find here as below:

Hi… @RajeshT

If this is the solution then make the thread it to close as solution. So, others can also use this reference.

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Hi @vamsiyeluri ,

This perfectly works for me.But i dont see Solution tag available from my end.

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