How to delete a project in test manager

Is it possible to delete a project in test manager? How ?

Replying here to find out. Would like to know how to do this if erroneous ones are created.

@nschmid, @jan.vriens

So, the only way that I’ve found how to do this, is to go inside the Test Manager Database and delete the wanted project from the tmcore.Projects Table.

Query Example:

USE [UiPathTestManager]

DELETE FROM [tmcore].[Projects]
      WHERE <Search Conditions,,>

Also, beware of the data connected to the Project that you’re going to delete.

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Ended up opening a support ticket on this. Apparently the functionality is on the roadmap to be delivered, but I wasn’t given a timeline as to when that was happening.

Agreed that there needs to be caution regarding any data connected to the project. Will just wait for now.