How to delete a file from a website with dynamic selector

I have a website (portal) which contains lots of files (excel, zip…) here. And I have to delete a specific file. By manually I will click on three dots button next to the file and then hover to another element to delete it. Like this:


Because each file will have three dots button next to it so I can’t define which one belongs to which file. How can I do that on uiPath?

Hi @BoBo.

Sometimes the sites are constructed in such a way that those dots can be conncted easily to the string.

Try playing around with the UIExplorer.

If you can’t find a reliable way this way you can use an Anchor to the text.

This can be done using the Anchor Scope or even directly using UIExplorer using the Indicate Anchor button

Try to see if unchecking “parentId” in the selector appear idx=

If so see if there are other values you can use to make it disappear

Unchecking parentID will show as below:



Please validate and see, if still not validated plaese click on “open in UI Explorer”(left down) and see the other options


I can validate if I uncheck on parentID, or replace by ‘*’ it still can be validated. But when running the workflow the uiPath cannot determine it and cant click on the button.



Can you try simulate click option


Did you mean using double click instead of single? If so it does not work fine

there is a property “simulateClick” make it true


it’s making True by default I think

Nope, usually is not true by default

@shaikmdrafi @Gabriele_Camilli yep it’s not check but default. However it still does not work well if checked. If I uncheck on the ID then the button can validate but it cannot be highlighted. So it means it does not recognise the button in the web UI

@BoBo - Were you able to find the idx element? that might work…

I can resolve my problem. Just change the manual steps. Thank so much to you guys @shaikmdrafi @Gabriele_Camilli @prasath17 for your help.