How to delete a excel sheet row data starting with cell value “9”

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i have [excel] sheet column eno.
column data series starts with 9, 8
i need to delete the row data starting with 9. after that i need to do row up also.

kindly help.

hi @anilkumar.vegi, can u give a sample excel file for demonstration?

Nived N

@anilkumar.vegi Do you want to delete entire row which data start from 9 or just want to delete the particular row data?

entire row


Hi @anilkumar.vegi,
there are a couple of solutions for this case and there are already threads about that in forum:

Personally I had a problem like you and in this link you can check a solution for your problem.
If this solved a problem for you, please mark this as a solution.


@anilkumar.vegi You can do like this also:
Use for each activity

Use if condition activity : row(1).ToString.StartsWith(“9”)
Note : row(1) contains column name

We can use Send hotkey activity or type into to select the entire row value

This post will help you to know about it

To delete row data value you can use send hotkey activity with Ctrl+ minus

Hope this will help you to complete your task

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