How to Delete a entire Row based on positive value in a column

I have three columns : Invoice No, Amount, Payment Type.
I have duplicate Invoice No. and has corresponding one +ve and one -ve value in Amount column.

  1. First Need to filter Payment Type by L, Y (which always has -ve value in Amt Column)
  2. Copy row by row relevant Invoice Number:
  3. Search again in the same excel sheet with invoice number.
  4. Display with two rows(same invoice number) one has either L or Y which is -ve value and other has diff.payment type but +ve amount value.
  5. Need to delete the +ve value row???
    Attached xaml worked, please feel to modify the workflow.
    Demo.xaml (5.7 KB)

Please help.Demo.xlsx (72.9 KB)

Hi @Sudhir_P,

Instead of appending your current table and removing rows, have you considered making a new table instead, which you add your negative rows to?

Edit: You will likely need to write {CurrentRow(0),CurrentRow(1),CurrentRow(2)} in the ArrayRow field of the Add Data Row instead of adding CurrentRow to the DataRow field