How to delete a column leaving some cells behind?

I have an Excel sheet with many columns. I need to remove some columns from the table, but there is a problem. It looks like the following.

Now, I need to delete Column 2 and Column 4, but I still need to keep the row #9 in the above example image where it says Total: $123, 456.

I tried using Delete Column activity inside Exception Application Scope, and it does delete Column 2, but it also delete the cell where it says $123,456, and this is a problem.

Any way to work around this? Btw, we know the table name, column names to be deleted, but we don’t know the size of the table, so we cannot say “We need to keep Row #9” etc.

You could copy it to be under total in column A, delete your columns, then move it back.

You can get the correct row number by doing Read Range to get a datatable of the whole file and then count how many rows are in it.


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