How to delete 1st row in excel files


Anyone can help me to delete 1st row in excel using IF condition. in My source files sometime the 1st row is empty & sometimes not. If the 1st row is empty, then i need to delete the row . If not i leave it as it. And i need to maintains the files since it have other info in other sheets.


Hi @Rashidi_Ahmad

You can use Insert/Delete Rows activitiy


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  1. Read Cell and store the value in string variable and then check-in if the condition output of Read cell is empty
    Example : String.IsNullOrEmpty(varOPReadCell) - write this in if condition
  2. The use step suggested by @NIVED_NAMBIAR to remove the first row.
    Just select Remove in action and pass 1 as number of rows deleted and then 1 as row to delete on position…
    Note : This activity(Insert/Delete Rows) needs to be used in Excel Scope

Hi Parvin

How to store the value in string?

create a string variable and then pass it to output property Read Cell activity


Check below for your reference

Hope this may help you