How to define the CellAddress for Write Cell in a For Each Row loop?

Do need help for the last step of my project, any hint is highly appreciated.

Read Range from Gsheets, ForEach row in datatable, after 2 If conditions Then the last step is to Write Cell to indicate the process is finished.

Tried many ways to Assign variable for CellAddress but all got errors…“Invalid Range specified.”

If you are trying to write “Ok” Based on row Index .
Then use “A”&DT.rows.index(row)

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@hemanth_chinna Thanks for the quick reply.
I tried with “F”&dt.Rows.IndexOf(row)
it wrote to the right column “F” but wrong row (should write to row 18, but 16), any idea where I had done wrong?

Rowindex from datatable is 0 based
Rowindex from excel is 1 based

You got a difference of 2

Check if there was an add headers involved, so the reason for the difference of 2 is one by dt-excel plus one by add headers

So just correct the range index by +2

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@ppr yes, you are right, +2 solved the problem.

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