How to define Path while using Assign Activity?


Can anyone please help me with below error.

Assign Activity -
Left box (Excelflile) - Right Box (Directory.GetFiles( CurrDir + “C:\Users\Desktop\Merge\Input File”,“*.xlsx”)

Error Message - Assign: The given path’s format is not supported.

I am trying to merge all excel files in the input folder and save the merged file in the output folder.

Thanks HD

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Directory.GetFiles(“C:\Users\Desktop\Merge\Input File",”*.xlsx")

Use this syntax



Thanks it worked but now i am receiving below error, can you help with this as well ?

Append Range: The given path’s format is not supported.

HI @HD001

I think you need a slash after the folder name “Input File”

Like this
Directory.GetFiles(“C:\Users\Desktop\Merge\Input File\”,“*.xlsx”)


Input file error is resolved.

I am now receiving another error with Append Range activity please refer to the snap shot above.


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Whats the error that you are getting? Can I see the error details?

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May i know the error you were getting

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