How to define an array of string argument inside a deserialize body

Hi Guyz,
I am trying to Pass a string
‘application_no’ : ’ Reference_Num ‘,
‘status’ : ‘Paid’,
‘visa_application_file’ :’’ ,
‘visa_file’ : ‘’,
‘target_file_no’ : ‘’
inside deserialize activity where the Reference_Num is an input argument .
Can u please help me out to refer the argument inside the activity. So that when it passes the jobj into http request body part it reads the item inside the argument array (Reference_Num).

some parts are unclear. When looking for a serialized Array string it would look like following:

'application_no' : ' \" [ \"A\",\"B\" ] \" ',

“application_no” : “0003024180092022398818403”,
“status” : “Paid”,
“visa_application_file” : “”,
“visa_file” : “”,
“target_file_no” : “”

This is an body part I am posting in postman to get the response from the api Call

please help us and elaborate more in detail within a more clear level on your case
What is given input
What is need
What is expeceted output sample


I need to specify the above body in http request body. I have done it using deserialize json and the output from deserialize activity I have mentioned in HTTP body. I am getting a response from the server.
Problem is the ‘application_no’ value is dynamic its defined as an argument named reference_Num in my code and I need to specify it inside Deserialize activity.

in VB.Net UiPath projects within the Assign experession box we would handle multilines as following


another option could be to update the json directly

Reference_Num value has to be as needed / expected

Not Assign expression the body which I used in postman I converted using json deserialize.
In my code For ‘application number’ the input is a array of string named ‘Reference Num’. I need to define it in deserialize activity. instead of an static value.


but can you check both screenshots and see what we did for get validated by the compiler.

When giving a static value for application number its giving me the response properly.
Above is the output and 2nd log message is the response for the below input

I need to make the application_no static value as an array of string ‘Reference_Num’ which i have created for the input

for avoiding more ping-pongs feel free to answer the remaining open questions we do feel that also possible tools are at your hand:

and so on