How to dedicate licences for specific Folder


we are planning to update our RPA platform.

Current setup:
-Each RPA Hub (business organization) has own separate Tenant in Orchestaror
-Dedicated licenses and machines/robots for each RPA Hub

New proposed setup:
-All RPA Hubs use same tenant and have separate Folders
-In the design, there will be 2 x production machines for running Unattended Robots.
-Using 10 x Unattended licenses, we will allocate 5 licenses for each machine.
-In a Folder, there will be more than one machine available. Robot can start in any of the machines which is available at the time needed for exexution and when there are runtime licenses available for the machine.

Basically we all share these machines and licenses. I am worried that since our RPA Hub does not have any dedicated licenses/machines, there can be a situation when our automation cannot start because there is no free capacity.

Can you setup the Orchestrator in a way that (for example) two licences could be used only by a specific Folder (our RPA Hub) and rest of the licences will be shared for everyone? Can you do this kind of setup by using just those 2 production machines which will be shared by anyone?

Please, no suggestions about co-operation to schedule the jobs. I am looking for a solution which makes it technically impossible to leave one Folder without any available license/machine.

Hi @Jaakko_Vaaramaa,
Using current Orchestrator version you have modern folders feature which allows you to define each user(robot) and attach it to particular folder and divide by this licenses like you need.


sorry, I don’t understand your solution. There will be users (robots) dedicated to folders, but these robots will use shared Machines. Machine templates will be used. There will be more robots than licenses in the Orchestrator.

Can you have a shared Machine and dedicate part of it’s licences (let’s say 2/5) to specific folder?

No exactly. You are adding licenses to the tenant but each robot consume a license and you can decide which robots will be attached to with folder.