How to decide which box is showing color? So that I can pick data from that cell

Hi there,

I’m trying to select data from table. I need to select data from column where column color is highlighted. Is there any code or command I can use? Appreciate your help.



Hello @manikanta_vs
From Screenshot I can see that highlighted row have “% Gain” value in negative. If this is the case with all the highlighted rows then just filter out the non-negative values.

Hi @manikanta_vs

For the selected row, there would be a distinct css class, you can find it by right clicking the row and inspect element.

Once you get the class, you can use the property in selectors “css-selector” and pass it the class of that row.


Thank you Akshay for reply. It’s not actually a table. It is a webpage which show that picture in table format. I need to pull data from that picture


I opened “inspect” element and found the xml line where the data is pulling from. May I know how I can pull this line into my Ui path message box?