How to decide the number of bots required for a project?

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Can someone explain on what basis we have to decide the no. of bots required in a project?

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There are multiple factors, but most importantly I think it would be on - the volume of the data and time taken for each record that needs to be processed.

For all your complex workflows only one high density robot is enough.

Its purely based on your process volume , AHT, budget, ETA.


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What exactly high density robot means?

Hi @Vaishnav_Tej ,
High-Density Robots is a feature that ensures a full utilization of each machine at your disposal at its maximum potential. As a result, regardless of the Windows version a machine is running on, if you have multiple users on it, you can register a Robot on each of the users.

Any type of Robot, be it an Attended, Unattended, or NonProduction one can be configured in a High-Density environment.

High-Density Robots (


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you can refer this .