How to debug UI Path Custom Activity source code in the Visual Studio

Hi I developed custom activity using C# and visual studio . But i want to know how to debug it in the Visual Studio

One way is to do as below:

  1. Open you custom activity solution in visual studio and add a breakpoint.
  2. Add a message box right before the custom activity in uipath.
  3. Run the process from uipath.
  4. Keeping the message box open, navigate to ‘Attach to Process’ in visual studio and Select UipathExecuter.exe
  5. Click on the message box.
  6. You will hit the breakpoint within your solution. From where you can now debug.

Have a look at this demo for more details,

Rammohan B.


Nice :slight_smile:
Am I able to use there for example a Watch feature in the MSVS?

Thank you

Hey @Rammohan91, I am building a custom rule in C# in which I need to get the default name of an activity, could you please tell me about how to do it?