How To Debug PII Is Hidden. For More Details, See ?

How to debug PII is hidden. For more details, see

Issue Description: How to debug PII is hidden. For more details, see ?

Root Cause: UiPath uses the an OAuth OpenID framework for authentication. As part of this, certain data maybe hidden to protect PII. For on prem instances this usually is not necessary but in general this can be an important feature of the implementation.

When this occurs it means that your authentication mechanism is misconfigured.

Diagnosing / Resolving:

  1. Verify which component is throwing the error. The error is typically seen when reviewing the event viewer logs. In the event viewer, it specifies a 'source' which explains which component through the error. Typically it will be the source Identity or Orchestrator.
  2. Once the failing component is identified, enable the PII logs.
    1. If the failing component is Identity, enable the logs as describe here: Identity Server - Viewing Additional Information In Logs
    2. For Orchestrator set the ExternalAuth.ShowPII to true as describe here UiPath - Orchestrator dll.config : ExternalAuthShowPII
    3. After making the change either IIS needs to be restarted or the respective application pool needs to be restarted.
  3. Next reproduce the error and re-review the logs.
  4. If the issue is not clear (a lot of times it takes a little knowledge of OpenId to understand the issue) open a ticket with UiPath and include the captured logs. See: How To Get Application Logs From The Event Viewer?
  5. Additionally, the setting can be left in place unless there is a concern of exposing usernames or emails in the logs.